“Social media is something that people need to do every day it’s not writing a blog post on time

  • Andréa Jones

She is a Social Media Strategist, owner, and operator of Onlinedrea.com

She always had a fascination with social media and helped her mom’s business with social media marketing even before starting her own marketing firm.

She started her social media marketing firm in 2014 after moving to Canada from the US with her husband.

Before that, she used to work for a spa and fitness center where her company gave her the role to manage their social media platform and marketing responsibilities.

After starting the conversation by exploring Andréa’s early years, we focused most of the dialogue around her (quite frankly, brilliant) thought process around social media marketing and how she is helping to achieve business visibility, growth, and engagement on social media.

Some of my favorite talking points included:

  • Her passion for social media when it was not popular.
  • Who needs social media presence not everybody for example farmers?
  • According to her experience why Facebook is the most popular social media platform especially in North America besides Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for millennia’s.
  • Why she doesn’t follow a specific niche for clients instead of working with their entrepreneur spirit, their passion something she can replicate in social media.
  • How being her own bosses helps her to travel more flexible.
  • How some online applications helping her with contents.
  • Why she launched a savvy social school to help others.
  • Why and how to spend more time on social media networking and spent less time on content.
  • How much time you should spend on social media and maintain consistency.
  • How method of five pillars of content will help in content selection.
  • Promotion, Education, Community, Engagement, Entertainment

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes: https://wakeuptofreedom.org/

Andréa’s LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/onlinedrea/

Andréa’s Website: https://onlinedrea.com/

Daniel’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/danielcarbonel



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