In Episode 4 of the Wake Up to Freedom Podcast with Daniel Carbonel, his special guest, Erica Duran, shares her incredible life experience.

She talks about how she carved a path to success, through a rocky arid place for business opportunities that most critics said it was impossible.

She will be sharing her pointers on Freedom Lifestyle entrepreneurship.

Also how you can live a successful life by literally dropping all the clutter from your life.

Erica will teach you how to start from nothing and build your way to the peak of your career. And all that while enjoying a carefree lifestyle day-in and day-out just like she does.

Erica Duran’s Bio

You will find Erica Duran as a very familiar name in and around the internet marketing sphere of influence. She is a business coach for modern online entrepreneurs and freedom-based luxury lifestyle designer.

She is also a minimalist, meaning she teaches her clients to live the most efficient freedom lifestyle possible by removing the things they think helps them, but really does not.

Instead of believing in formulas or blueprints, she works with each client to bring out their unique brand essence, which makes their competition irrelevant and helps them to build a solid online platform.

She is a solid believer in coaching and that it can bring out people’s true potential compared to canned presentations on PDFs and DVDs about how to do the freedom business or Freedom Lifestyle.

She is in the 1 percentile rank of LinkedIn’s best of the best business personalities. She’s also among the Top 100 SEO Experts on Twitter that you definitely have to follow if you want to succeed in your business.

Her ideas and tips are worth pounds of gold!

She also helps the clients build the systems and structures so they can often enjoy the freedom of a 3-day work week and create a consistent income of $5,000 – $10,000 a month!

Erica’s History of Entrepreneurship and Transition To A Freedom Lifestyle

Before she became the most sought-after business coach and minimalist, Erica was at the pinnacle of her career as she was the National Sales Director for the entire West Coast USA.

Prior to that she was also a hotel executive for Myriad and Double Tree and had 15 years of solid experience. She was constantly under stress and she wanted to quit her job, then one day she did without even notifying the company.

She left in her car and never looked back.

After that, she tried to do new things solo. She started from real estate to selling mutual funds, selling life insurance to professional organizing business etc.

Later it got to the point of selling other people’s clutter to starting their business from scratch, building their websites, building their brand, building their packages etc.

There were times when she found that she was handling other people’s clutter and even finds herself in warehouses, which was not her ideal lifestyle, or something to be taught as a Freedom Lifestyle.

Later on, she discovered that she was more effective in coaching people via Skype than doing it in person; and so that’s when she discovered what would be her biggest score in her career – coaching online entrepreneurs on how to become successful and live a freedom lifestyle altogether.

What’s Erica Up to Nowadays?

She’s been successful with her podcasting and even convinced various resorts to host her shows for free!

So that everywhere she goes she doesn’t pay a dime while enjoying week-long stays on 5-star hotel-resorts.

She was also earning commissions from all sides while doing podcasts and living the freedom lifestyle.

I mean, what more could you ask for?

Lately, she took down her podcast and is reinventing herself.

This woman has a knack for upgrading herself. And just when you thought you knew her well enough, she surprises you in a very big and shocking way.

I mean, who does that?

Who can remove herself from the web and start over anew, but still get ahead of everyone else all the time?

Only Erica Duran can do that!

Learn Freedom Lifestyle entrepreneurship from Erica and be on the right path to success!

What to Expect in the Wake Up to Freedom Podcast Episode 4:

  • Get to know Erica Duran
  • Learn her best entrepreneurship lessons and tips
  • Use her online marketing method that’s been proven and tested for years
  • Live the freedom lifestyle and never be afraid to leave your job or overhaul your business strategy again
  • Learn the difference between DIY online marketing and business coaching motivated online marketing
  • Know the common pitfalls of online marketing to be better equipped to succeed in this business
  • Learn all about her free Aloha Strategy Sessions

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