So do you need a mentor?

First of all,

What’s a Mentor?

A successful person, who has more knowledge, skills, and experience to assist others to succeed in their own business by applying their own success model.

A person may need multiple mentors, depending on their business model, niches, and interests.

Why do I need a mentor?

According to Erica Duran (Freedom Business Coach and Mentor), you do need a mentor.

Having a mentor is like having someone offer you some “energy” that transfer to you from them.

In other words, they were one of the biggest drivers behind your professional and personal growth.

It will give you the encouragement that somebody that was like you in their earlier career, made it where you want to succeed, and they will help you to get there.

How to get a mentor?


Ask those who are successful in their business, usually successful people willing to help you. (Just tell them you need a mentor 🙂 )

Although finding a good professional and personal mentor is quite tough.

If you don’t get anyone who can help you, try to read some books, especially autobiography of successful people.

You can find lots of materials on mentorship and honestly, you can find that on YouTube but it won’t help you that much.

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